Your potential client has landed on your website.  They have looked around, and are REALLY excited by what they see! So much so, that they click on the ‘Contact’ page, fill in the form and click ‘submit’. Then… 


 ‘Thank you for submitting your details.’

 Wait, that’s it?  A default message, and no thank you page?

 This is a HUGE moment, and a huge opportunity. They have become interested in your work, reached out to you, but you don’t have a thank you page, just a sad confirmation message.  It is a bit of a let down. You need to capitalize on this moment, on your potential client’s excitement on taking the plunge with you.  They want to engage with you, and you can take that momentum & deliver!


Here are some tips for making your THANK YOU page awesome!

 1. Say thank you!

This one is obvious. they have reached out to you, and that is amazing, as they may soon be a client of yours!  A sincere thank you is in order.  And let them know when they can expect a reply.

 2. Website navigation

Keep your website navigation accessible on this page, so they can continue to look around an be engaged with your content. And speaking of content…


3. Links

Want them to follow you on Instagram? This is the place to share that link!  If you want to direct them to other social media accounts/pages, this is a great place to do it.

4. Make it personable.  

Have some visual content.  Some photos of you, or even better you could have a quick ‘thank you video’ on this page!  This is a perfect opportunity to make a connection with your potential clients.

5. Free stuff!

If you have anything to giveaway, like a free pdf guide here is where you can give them a little bonus. Nothing says you are awesome like going above & beyond.

6. Hot tip: It is a SALES page!

That’s right. They are already sold on working with you.  They have fulfilled that buying impulse by contacting you, and now you can sell them on something else.  Maybe you have some amazing art prints for sale, or want to show off your custom albums.  This is a great place to direct them to those resources.

7. The coveted INBOX

Do you write a newsletter?  I hope so!  This is also a great place to invite them to sign up for it!  As mentioned before, they kinda like you already.

8. Testimonials

Give them some social proof that they have made a good decision, by sharing some testimonials right here!  This will confirm with them that YES, you are the one they want to hire!

9. Noindex

You don’t want this page to have random people finding it, so if possible, make sure it is excluded from search results. I use a wordpress platform for my blog, and it is a simple as selecting the ‘noindex’ button in my page settings tab.

10. Be a ninja

Want to let them feel like they are important? This is sort of a bonus tip… but once that email comes in, get back to them RIGHT AWAY.  Nothing worse than sending an email, and waiting…and waiting… Meanwhile, your competitor, whom they’ve also reached out to, has replied right away, they are already chatting on the phone, and you have lost that lead.  BE A NINJA.