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Here at Tribe, we are all about using tools & techniques to improve our workflow.

One such device we absolutely LOVE is Loupedeck+.

So what is Loupedeck?

Loupedeck is a control panel, with buttons, dials and controls designed specifically to make your editing process faster & easier. It is compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, Adobe Photoshop CC,  Skylum Aurora HDR,  Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Final Cut ProX, and Adobe Audition.  The company plans to add more software to this list too.

What can you do with it?

In Lightroom, some of the functions you can control with Loupedeck are:

            - Selection: Color Tagging, Flagging, cycling through images

            - Color management: Hue, Saturation, Contrast, Temperature, Tint & more

            - Lighting: Exposure, Blacks, Whites, Shadows, Highlights, etc…

            - General: Copy, Paste, Before/After, Screen Mode

            - Custom: Several customizable buttons & dials

Why use it?

We all want to be more efficient, and spend less time editing.

Loupedeck has created a device that not only will speed up the process, but has done so with an intuitive & well designed platform. Using Loupedeck allows you to keep your eyes on the edit screen while making adjustments quickly and effortlessly.

The customizable dials & buttons are invaluable too.  You can set up your favourite Tribe presets to be accessible at the touch of a button!

We love having tools that can make our work easier and give us back more free time.  Time is valuable, and Loupedeck is a great addition to our editing workflow.

We really think you’ll love it too, so check it out!