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How did you get started in photography? Did you always know that you wanted your focus to be a family photography or did you experiment with other forms of photography as well?

It all started when I spent a month taking a photo a day with my daughter for a clothing competition. I loved it so much, and got so many kind, encouraging words that I thought I should give this photography gig a go. Because I started with my kids, the obvious path was family photography. I have dabbled in wedding photography but quickly learned it wasn't really my thing and now just stick to the occasional elopement.

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We know that family sessions, especially with those with young children, can be chaotic and unpredictable. Any tips for achieving those quiet, beautiful moments in the midst of the chaos?

There's always beautiful connection to be found in the chaos, so I'm looking for it no matter how crazy things get. But the real intimate moments usually come from separating the mother with just one of her children, and having some quiet, uninterrupted time.

What is your favorite image you have ever taken, and why?

This is such a hard question! I always have a new favourite after every session!!! But an old favourite is this photo from a portfolio building session with friends of mine. The sun had just dropped so the light and colours were breathtaking, as was the connection between her and her son.

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Have you ever had a session or sessions that just did not go as expected? How do you handle those?

With kids, nothing really goes as expected! So I try to walk into a session with little to no expectations. Even parents tell me at the end of the session they didn't expect their children to behave that well (or otherwise!). I just go with the flow, embrace whatever it is that's happening and know whatever I get will perfectly reflect their family and the love for one another.

If you could only bring one body and one lens to your session, which would it be?

I only ever bring my Fujifilm X-T3 and my 23mm 1.4. That's all I use.

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Would you mind sharing any of the front end preparations with your clients for a session? For example, wardrobe, location, preparing for uncooperative little ones, etc?

Honestly it's pretty simple. I have a bunch of FAQ's answered on my website, then once a family has booked I send a questionnaire and outfit guide.

Where do you see your career in 20 years? Do you see yourself continuing on this path in the future?

20 years?!?! Geez, I wouldn't know where I'd see myself in 5! But, in all honesty I would just be so happy to still have a thriving, successful business that I love. If people still love my work, and I still enjoy making art, that's all I'd want.

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