Pinterest is one of those platforms that many photographers might look at for inspiration, but overlook as a potential way to drive traffic to their site.

Here are seven important tips on how you can use Pinterest to get people to visit your website or blog!


Be sure to set up your Pinterest account as a business account.

If you have an existing personal account, it is very easy to convert it to a business account.

This way you can add your logo, location, website, and a description of your unique business.


Have a new blog post up?  Grab a few images from it and upload them to Pinterest.

The most important part of creating a Pin is to link the images back to specific content/pages on your site—your Pinterest Engagement photo should lead the ‘pinner’ back to your Engagement gallery, or a blog post about Engagement photos.


You can, of course, add some text to the description. Make sure that the text you add is relevant and/or will be something people will want to know more about. Use effective keywords! For example, if you are posting an Engagement session photo, be sure to include some text about Engagement photography and perhaps your location.


Create specific boards for your content.  Do you photograph landscapes?  Post a ‘Landscape inspiration’ board.  Weddings?  Make a ‘Wedding inspiration’ board. You can even get more specific, such as having a ‘Boho wedding style’ board.  Of course be sure all the images are your content and are linking back to relevant content/pages on your website.

As a bonus, you can send your existing clients to specific boards on Pinterest.  You might have a board for ‘Autumn wardrobe ideas’ with some of your images that they could look at for examples.  Or maybe ‘Photoshoot location ideas in St.Louis’… If you work in St.Louis, of course.


Hashtags work in Pinterest too, so use them in your image description to attract your target audience.  Are you a wedding photographer?  Add #weddingphotography and use location relevant hashtags too, so local clients can find you.  Make sure not to over do it though!


This one is HUGE.  If you already use Pinterest, you know that it is hard to stand out, as there is SO much content. So how do you get people to not only look at your images there, but then take that next important step, and CLICK through to your site?

The answer is: make it irresistible.

So what is click bait?  It is something that people cannot resist clicking on.  How do you do it?

Make the post relevant to what your target audience wants. 

Let me give you an example:  Let’s say you are a family photographer.  You might have a blog post or webpage on your site like ‘What to wear during your family photo session.’
You then share some images on Pinterest that link back to this post/page.  Of course adding the right text to the description of your Pin is important.  But also, you can add text directly onto the image to make it even more eye catching.  This will make your image stand out from all the others.  You have to be careful to not use too much text, and not too small that it can’t be read…But just a few catchy words is perfect.  In this example, you could write: ‘What to wear for family photos’, and overlay that onto a catchy image.


You have a choice on either landscape, our portrait orientation when posting Pins.  If you browse through Pinterest, you will see that portrait (vertical) orientation images take up more real estate on the screen. Again, it is all about standing out from the crowd!


Ok this one is mostly out of your control… But sometimes a pin can get reshared over & over again, and become viral on Pinterest.  I have one pin that I created about a DIY camera backpack that went viral and some months literally drives almost half of my website traffic! All that to say that a well designed pin can really increase traffic to your website & content.

So, if you haven’t yet explored the potential of Pinterest for photographers as a marketing tool, now is the time!  Hopefully with these tips have encouraged and given you all that’s needed to get started!

-Shawn Moreton