TRIBE ARCHIPELAGO CARES ABOUT THE FUTURE GENERATION. As artists, we feel it is vital to invest in cultivating the artistic voices of our youth. By partnering with Youth in Focus, we are putting cameras in the hands of young aspiring artists in urban settings. Youth in Focus provides a safe but challenging environment for students to explore their creativity and talents, learning from talented, highly qualified teachers and mentors. In this supportive community, young people are provided the essentials for developing their art, finding their voice and identity, and growing in their confidence and skills.

Thank YOU for your loyalty to and support of Tribe! Together we can help raise up the next generation of artists.

Over 4,000 youths have participated in this program since it was founded in 1994. The program offers 2 classes, one in Digital Photography and one in Black and White Darkroom Photography. In addition to offering free classes for young people, Youth in Focus partners with other agencies seeking to emulate their model for teaching photography to our youth.

Thanks to your support, a portion of Tribe Archipelago's revenue supports Youth in Focus. If you would like to do more to support this wonderful non-profit, they are always looking for used, working MacBooks and photography gear. Find out more here:

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