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Laura Murray Interview

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Kevin Lowery Interview

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Liam Rimmington Interview

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Laura Murray is a hybrid photographer (shooting film & digital) based out of Denver, Colorado.

Not only is she a photographer, but she is also an educator and the creator of Spark & Bound productivity tools.

In this interview we chat about including film in your client workflow and the value in taking a serious look at your metrics so you can fine tune your business to meet your expectations.

We also discuss setting achievable goals for your work & personal life, and the tools she’s developed to help get you there.


Spark & Bound:


Kevin Lowery is a portrait & wedding photographer originally from rural Georgia. Kevin travels extensively, leading workshops including the Unraveled retreat, the everyBODIES tour, and more.

Our conversation centres around his ‘Skin Like Dawn’ project. Skin Like Dawn was a passion project of Kevin’s, focused around male nudes and the idea of vulnerability. He had an Instagram account for it with thousands of followers…until it all got shut down.  We discuss the impacts of this, and about the importance of not relying on social media. He also offers up some great insight about blogging (his is amazing!), and ways of connecting with clients, so don’t miss this great interview!





Liam Rimmington is a nature, portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Sheffield, England.

Originally a musician in a hardcore band, Liam turned his interest to photography, and now is sought out by clients for his wonderful artistic vision. Inspired by the creative community around him and the natural world, his portfolio is diverse yet cohesive. His work is both ethereal and captivating. Join us as we chat about how he got started in photography, about the importance of mindfulness & doing to the work you love.

We also talk about a passion project of his called ‘The Slow Life’. If you are a coffee lover then you’ll definitely want to check it out.


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