As photographers we are often forced to endure some physical challenges. Wedding and event photographers are regularly on their feet for 8 or 10 hours in a day, sometimes carrying two very heavy cameras around the whole time. Then we can get tied down to our desks, sitting for long hours editing images.

All of these things and more can take their toll on our bodies, so it is important to have the best tools available to take care of ourselves.

For this reason, we decided to chat with Seraphina Capranos.

Seraphina is a homeopath, herbalist, and educator at The Green Raven Centre, a multi-disciplinary clinic on Salt Spring Island, in British Columbia. The combination and expertise of her two passions of herbal medicine and homeopathic medicine makes Seraphina a gifted practitioner. She brings the balance of university education in science to the magic of what wild lands and indigenous healers has taught her to each of her classes and clients.

In this interview, we discuss ways that we can all maintain our health, with a focus on specific issues that many of us as photographers face in our day to day lives.






Some of the products mentioned in the interview:


Adrenal support:


Recovery for muscles / joints: