Image by Jesús Díaz. Edited with  Terrain Presets & Profiles

Image by Jesús Díaz. Edited with Terrain Presets & Profiles


The preset market can be daunting with so many options. We've put together a page to help you find the right presets for you!


First of all, you're in the right place! Tribe Archipelago is an ever growing, ever evolving collective of some of the world’s finest Lightroom Presets and Creative Profiles.

With over 10 years in this industry, we bring experience, excellence and professionalism to our products and services. Tribe has earned a reputation for producing quality editing tools that speed up workflow and inspire creativity. We've learned that like great artistry, the creation of great presets/profiles takes knowledge, time, dedication, and a willingness to change. Our creators are leading this ever-evolving industry through continuous learning and through regularly developing fresh, innovative editing tools for our Tribe, making your workflow faster, easier, and more enjoyable!

At the creative foundation of all of our beloved Presets lies extensive testing on thousands of unique images from around the world. We believe in investing time, energy, and heart into each of our sets, and it's an honor to have many talented members of our community collaborate with us by submitting raw files, testing the presets, and giving us feedback. Thus, we work very thoroughly to produce tools that will best serve our Tribe.


In 2019, Adobe added an update to that allows us to interact with custom profiles via the Profile Browser. Tribe Archipelago has led the market in developing editing tools which use these custom profiles, which has truly redefined editing!! As developers, the profiles allow us to create adjustments that could not be made with presets alone AND the profile browser allows YOU, the user, to modify the “opacity” with a simple slider! (Think of them as a layer that can be applied on it’s own or “over top” of a preset, and controlled with “Amount” or intensity slider! ) Furthermore, the beauty of profiles is that you can apply a profile to an image that’s already edited, and it won’t change any of the edit sliders in Lightroom. You also can mix and match other presets with profiles, allowing for literally endless possibilities and the ability to customize your own unique editing look and style with ease! STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD. Please note, profile based sets require Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 7.5 (and newer) & Adobe Camera Raw 10.5 (and newer).


Tribe Archipelago has a knowledgable, dedicated team in place to answer your questions, encourage you on your photography journey, and direct you to helpful information and resources. You will receive real, timely support from photographers just like you that use our Tribe Archipelago presets and profiles to edit their own work! We are passionate about what we do, and we believe in our products!


In every aspect of what we do, we are detailed and thorough. We have designed our website to give you an in depth look at each set--detailed product descriptions, before and after examples of each preset, and look books.


Our community is active and relevant. Our Tribe Collective Facebook group provides a wealth of resources--see your peers using and creating with our editing tools, ask questions, and learn together. Our dedicated team monitors and engages with the group on a constant basis--and WE SEE YOU! Your questions will not go unanswered, and we love to see what you're creating with our presets regardless of your skill level or where you are in your photography journey.

We regularly feature our Tribe members on Instagram. Multiple team members check in daily so that we see when you tag or hashtag us on your feed and in your IG stories. And WE LOVE IT! Thank you for supporting us and for sharing your work!


Since its beginnings in the Pacific Northwest, the Tribe community has spread throughout the world. We recognize that growth comes with responsibility, and we believe ours is to give back a portion of our revenue to various non-profits that are near to our hearts. Through your generosity, Tribe supports a number of non-profits that are dedicated to preserving the PNW and beyond. Through our partnership with One Tree Planted, every time you purchase a preset, a tree is planted via donation! Together, we have planted THOUSANDS of trees in the hopes of guaranteeing forests for our future.


These presets are inspired by the shifted, muted colors of old film stock - balancing the character and nostalgia of film with the clean, modern look of digital photography. Each preset gives a subtle color cast while maintaining flattering skin and ExFilm's signature "creamy' tones. Whether you prefer a cool or warm edit, ExFilm has you covered. Fall in love with the soft details and subtle colors, and finalize your look with the Character profile. Especially great for portraiture, lifestyle and still life photography.

I love it and I loved it from the first uses! The colors are something wonderful, the pack has been designed to adapt to any situation, and that’s it! The ability to play with the color profile was a huge advantage during my editing workflow. The look of this pack is incredibly cinematic! You can’t understand it if you don’t try it!
— Francesco Rossi

This set is designed for any setting or scene by offering a range of beautiful tones--cool, warm, contrasty, muted. The included profiles allow each preset the possibility of a muted and delicate effect or a strong, contrasty and bold one. With a combination of desaturated AND vibrant color options, coupled with special attention to skin tones, this just might be your photographer dream come true! Suitable for the portrait and wedding photographer, the still-life and landscape artist, and every camera-wielding wayfarer in between.

I love the variety of colours that have Wayfarer, really a game-changer in terms of creating your own new style with this set. The skin tones are perfect with all the presets and the Defined slider is amazing to add more contrast to the photo with no orange skin problem. You can use this presets for everything: Wedding, Portraits, Landscape, etc.
— Jose Puebla

This set brings artistry and usability together with a variety of warm and cool tones, a range of vibrancy, flattering, glowing skin, and lovely contrast. It's simplicity aims to delicately enhance your images and to bring out the natural, inherent beauty. Possibly the closest thing to a "one-click edit" that you'll ever find! These are great for weddings and portraiture as well as any other type or genre.

WOW! Okay, let me tell you! I have been using Tribe presents from the genesis and this new Atlas pack has simply blown me out of the water. Every pack does but This is exactly what I’ve been looking for for years and never achieved on my own! I’m crying. Its so beautiful and brown and oh so soft on images. It also helps with skin tones for people of color unlike some of the other presets which might be better suited just for one skin tone. That I think is what really has touched me more about these presets is the versatility it has on skin tones. I’m crying more. Thank you Tribe!
— Vanessa Tellez

These presets and profiles are designed to reflect the clean, timeless spirit of film. 1888 pays homage to the year in which Kodak released their first commercially successful box camera for roll film, and forever changed the way we capture memories. This brand is wonderfully suited to hybrid film /digital shooters, and for anyone who reveres the enduring beauty of analog photography.

I usually tweak Filmy presets to be more clean for my family work, 1888ad sped up my work dramatically, I get a nice clean edit but still with enough mood and style to not feel boring. The skin tones are absolutely stunning!
— Marley Clark

Possibly the most popular, well-loved preset of all time! We’ve crafted these presets to provide subtle desaturated greens, rich skin tones, and above all a consistent variety of looks to help improve your work as a whole. Rather than overpowering your photos with saturation and contrast, these presets give your photos room to breathe. These are great for someone looking for a highly artistic, moody look to their images.

These are so awesome! I love them so much and have been able to use them in the last 3 galleries I had to deliver! the best! I have bought so many presets in the past and these are by far the best. Most presets I buy i am quickly disappointed in. I dont think these will get old at all!
— Kimberly Burleson

We believe this set has a little something for everyone! These Lightroom presets and creative profiles are designed to complement the complex and majestic grace of our Earth as captured through your lens while respecting the unique and delicate skin tones and colors found in your portraiture. Each preset is accompanied by profiles to achieve a customized aesthetic. You will discover a wide range of clean tones to more stylized and moody tones in the 8 presets/profiles included. (It's an excellent set to explore if you had fallen in love with our retired Elements sets!)

I bought the Terrain pack the day it was released and I haven’t used another preset since! This set took my editing to a whole new level! I use it with my wedding and portrait albums and even though I prefer to shoot in the evenings, I am also happy with how it looks with photos shot during harsh light. The tones and colors are amazing and I get such a high when I edit now. Thank you so much for creating this set!
— Morgan Caddell

Our Wolf Pack Presets were designed for two tribes of visual artists. The first is landscape photographers who find themselves in awe of the striking natural beauty they capture behind the lens. The second is portrait and wedding photographers who are inspired and influenced by their surrounding environment. Wolf Packs color presets are muted and moody, whilst the black and whites are some of the most beloved in our lineup. Are you ready to run with the Wolf Pack?

I fell in love with this preset since the moment I purchased it. I have other presets but with this one I achieve my look I often strive for. It saves me time and gives me a consistent look through my work. It’s great for more dramatic scenes but found I can use it on almost all my photos.
— James Flores

This set embraces the color, light, and contrast your images need for a bold yet clean aesthetic. The presets aim to combine vivid colors and deep shadows with a consistent workflow across all of your images. From cool blues to golden browns, all while maintaining natural skin tones, SUMMIT can breath new life into your photography. Great for lifestyle, weddings, and many other genres.

I’m in love with these new presets. They brought me to a whole new style that I’m obsessed with. What I find a lot with other presets that I have tried is that you have to tweak a lot in order to get to your liking and style. With Summit I find that the colors are exactly where I want them to be without having to change anything. Each preset has it’s own unique style and taste, I have been able to edit with each one and fall in love with my image all over again. If you are on the fence about investing into these I hope I can sway your decision, I promise you won’t be disappointed. There is something for everyone in this set!
— Jordan Derrick

Can’t pick just one?? We know the feeling... it’s so hard to choose!

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