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The Earth's Terrain, the face of our beloved Home.  Here we find both sustenance and repose in the familiar, known beauty around us, and a fresh muse and catalyst for our craft fostered by the unfamiliar discoveries made in venturing our own frontiers.  Her textures, colors, elevations--a frost covered taiga, spotted with white spruce trees; the scant, barren tundra bursting forth with brilliant wildflowers of Spring; the eternal motion and endless shaping of her oceans--compel us.  

We sense a responsibility to her to document, to preserve and to protect her revered Terrains and the people who inhabit them.  These Lightroom presets and creative profiles are designed to complement the complex and majestic grace of our Earth as captured through your lens while respecting the unique and delicate skin tones and colors found in your portraiture.  Each preset is accompanied by profiles to achieve a customized aesthetic.

Set contains 6 Color & 2 BW Creative Profiles (which are activated by using the included Basic Develop presets). Plus 2 Adjustment Presets: Terrain Shadow Plus & Terrain Lens Correction. (Learn more about Profiles HERE) . The Terrain Presets/Profiles are designed for Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 7.5 (and newer) & Adobe Camera Raw 10.5 (and newer).   This set is based on our own custom creative profiles and designed to work with RAW files.  

One of Tribe's highest priorities is giving back to the environment. We've partnered with ONE TREE PLANTED, a non-profit founded in 2014 with the mission of simplifying how we can give back to our world. We LOVE knowing that for every single Tribe preset sold, a TREE IS PLANTED! Our Tribe community has made a huge impact as thousands of trees have been planted throughout the world via your support and generosity. Thank you for partnering with us, and being part of something much bigger than ourselves.


TERRAIN: If presets could be described as "one size fits all", we think this would be it! Terrain has a wide variety of beautiful tones and styles within the pack. Additionally, the profiles give added flexibility for customization, allowing for softer, more subtle edits as well as deeper, richer, more contrasty and 'punchy' finishes. The skin tones are bright and true to life and the shadows carry great detail. Colors and tones range from more moody and desaturated to brighter and more vibrant. We've had wonderful feedback on this set from photographers with widely different styles and genres.

TERRAIN 01 is the warmest in the set with earthy, golden, coppery, brown tones throughout as well as warm, olive-y greens and desaturated blues. There is a bronze quality to the shadows and tones, and rich contrast.

TERRAIN 02 has a brighter, film-like quality to it. True-to-life, slightly cool tones and colors with lovely, preserved skin tones accompanied by a rich contrast between highlight and shadow which gives the preset a little more punch. Features cool, delicate greens and rich blues.

TERRAIN 03 originates with a softer, more muted edit. It is earthy and warm with 'peachy' skin tones and subtle greens.

TERRAIN 04 packs a lot of punch. It features rich contrast with popped highlights. The colors are vibrant and true to life. It adds a lot of depth and mood to the image.

TERRAIN 05 has the most stunning blues and minty greens. It is less contrasty with creamy highlights and cooler, more magenta tones.

TERRAIN 06 has a golden, bronze-y quality with sage greens and more desaturated teal blues. The browns are warm and rich and shadows carry excellent detail.

TERRAIN 07 is a moody, muted cool tone black and white with pearly whites and dark, cool blacks. It has great shadow recovery and is a very flattering black and white.

TERRAIN 08 is a rich black and white with strong contrast. It has a very classic filmy feel with bright whites and lots of definition. The profile slider offers a wide range of customization to achieve the look and feel that fits the image.

Landscape and nature photographers would benefit from the earthy and punchy tones. Portrait photographers will love the warm/smooth skin tones. Still Life photographers will find the dark and moody tones add drama and consistency to their images. You're sure to find your style in this mix. They are easy to use and have wonderful skin tones. The various presets/profiles range anywhere from clean and bright to rich, moody, artistic tones. WONDERFUL for pairing with other favorite Tribe presets as well to customize and achieve your perfect edit!

Terrain Lightroom Presets and Creative Profiles - Examples

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