The Earth's Terrain, the face of our beloved Home.  Here we find both sustenance and repose in the familiar, known beauty around us, and a fresh muse and catalyst for our craft fostered by the unfamiliar discoveries made in venturing our own frontiers.  Her textures, colors, elevations--a frost covered taiga, spotted with white spruce trees; the scant, barren tundra bursting forth with brilliant wildflowers of Spring; the eternal motion and endless shaping of her oceans--compel us.  We sense a responsibility to her to document, to preserve and to protect her revered Terrains and the people who inhabit them.  These Lightroom presets and creative profiles are designed to complement the complex and majestic grace of our Earth as captured through your lens while respecting the unique and delicate skin tones and colors found in your portraiture.  Each preset is accompanied by profiles to achieve a customized aesthetic.

(Red Leaf Studios Inc) Tribe Archipelago proudly donates a portion of the profits from our Photographer Preset Packs to hand-selected nonprofits which share our heart in encouraging youth to explore their creativity through photography and in preserving our environment, and our future.  To learn more about why and how we give back, visit our We Care page.

The Terrain Presets/Profiles are designed for Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 7.5 (and newer) & Adobe Camera Raw 10.5 (and newer).   This set is based on our own custom creative profiles and designed to work with RAW files.  Set contains 6 Color & 2 BW Creative Profiles (which are activated by using the included Basic Develop presets). Plus 2 Adjustment Presets: Terrain Shadow Plus & Terrain Lens Correction.



What are Profiles? Profiles themselves are not new to Lightroom or Camera Raw, but with the latest release of Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw we can now “interact” with them by using the new Profile Browser!  The Archipelago Terrain Presets and Profiles are designed so that they work in unison with one another, however the profiles can also be used independently or with other presets. (Just think of the combination possibilities!)  Creative Profiles now utilize 3D Look Up Tables or LUTs and apply an effect without changing the slider values.  Think of them as a layer that can be applied on it’s own or “over top” of a preset, and controlled with “Amount” or intensity slider!  The Terrain Profiles have been made from scratch and tested on thousands of images from photographers all over the world. They are developed using tonal gradients designed to enhance your images while maintaining beautiful skin tone.* (*Achieving great skin tone is also dependent upon proper lighting, exposure and white balance.)

One of Tribe's highest priorities is giving back to the environment. We've partnered with ONE TREE PLANTED, a non-profit founded in 2014 with the mission of simplifying how we can give back to our world. We LOVE knowing that for every single Tribe preset sold, a TREE IS PLANTED! Our Tribe community has made a huge impact as thousands of trees have been planted throughout the world via your support and generosity. Thank you for partnering with us, and being part of something much bigger than ourselves. These will be the Forests of our Future.

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Terrain Lightroom Presets and Creative Profiles - Examples