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Distinct from our other products, 1888AD is inspired by a deep love for analog photography. The presets and profiles are designed to reflect the clean, timeless spirit of film. 1888 pays homage to the year in which Kodak released their first commercially successful box camera for roll film, and forever changed the way we capture memories.

This brand is wonderfully suited to hybrid film /digital shooters, and for anyone who reveres the enduring beauty of analog photography. We are 1888AD... Analog inspired Digital Presets and Creative Profiles. (Learn more about Profiles HERE)

The 1888AD Set includes 2 BW & 4 Color Profiles & 21 Adjustment Presets. (which are activated by using the included Basic Develop presets).

PLEASE NOTE: Set requires Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 7.5 (and newer) and/or Adobe Camera Raw 10.5 (and newer).  After Purchase, please refer to the included Install Guide for installation, as the presets for Lightroom 7.5 (or newer) are now in .XMP format, and are installed in a different manner versus the previous .LRTEMPLATE files. 

One of Tribe's highest priorities is giving back to the environment. We've partnered with ONE TREE PLANTED, a non-profit founded in 2014 with the mission of simplifying how we can give back to our world. We LOVE knowing that for every single Tribe preset sold, a TREE IS PLANTED! Our Tribe community has made a huge impact as thousands of trees have been planted throughout the world via your support and generosity. Thank you for partnering with us, and being part of something much bigger than ourselves.


1888AD offers a clean, yet impactful edit with a timeless, film-like feel. The colors and skin tones are consistent and true to life. It maintains the original character of your image but enhances it richly and beautifully, bringing it to a whole new level. This set is perfect for hybrid photographers and for those who love the classic look of film photography.

1888AD.No1.I : AD I provides a warm, rich edit characterized by golden hues, bright cheery greens, and lovely, balanced skin tones, flattering to any skin type.

1888AD.No1.II : AD II is the ultimate clean edit. It remains very true to the original, preserving tones and colors, while giving your image just the right amount of boldness and contrast to take it to the next level. Use the profile slider to achieve a soft glow on your portraits.

1888AD.No1.III : AD III will give your image a beautiful lift, enhancing the natural hues and bringing delicate vibrancy to your image. The subtle magenta finish enhances skin tones beautifully, and the softer contrast allows for great shadow recovery.

1888AD.No1.IV : AD IV is more high key, emphasizing the bold characteristics of your image, creating depth and impact. Features those coveted cool, minty greens and preserves blue tones.

1888AD.No1.V : AD V is a favorite of our Tribe community. The black and white is timeless, and will likely transport you to some of your favorite black and white images of all time. It features a sharp, rich contrast with deep, bronzy blacks. The slider allows for incredible variety to the final look, and will give your image great depth and emotion.

1888AD.No1.VI : AD VI is a very classic, artistic black and white preset. It is characterized by cooler tones and a wide range of grayscale, preserving shadow and highlight details. The profile slider feature allows for great versatility, from a matte finish to rich contrast.

1888AD.No1.Tools : The 1888AD set also includes a set of 21 “tool” presets that will speed up your editing time. Everything from one click exposure adjustments, white balance and grain, as well as other handy tools like lens correction and shadow/tone adjustments.


I love this set. So glad I bought it! Stunning colours and skin tones. Also, love mixing 1888AD profiles with my other tribe presets. The outcome is endless. So easy to customise according to your personal style. Definitely a must have!
— Helga Soket
I usually tweak Filmy presets to be more clean for my family work, 1888ad sped up my work dramatically, I get a nice clean edit but still with enough mood and style to not feel boring. The skin tones are absolutely stunning!
— Marley Clark
I’m so glad I bought this pack! The colors are AMAZING! They’re easy to install, easy to use, and easy to get accustomed to. Be careful if you buy this pack though! You’re going to end up only using this one, because you’re gonna fall in love with it like I did!
— Benny Guzman
These have made editing a dream. The first presets I’ve used that work seamlessly with my different sessions - family, wedding, babies, indoor, outdoor. There’s something so soft and dreamy with the one click presets, and I love how I can use the tools to make them more moody and dramatic if I want to.
— Jen P
Well, Tribe, you got me. After being disappointed with 99% of the presets I’ve purchased in the past I literally fist pumped when I used these for the first time. They are exactly what I was hoping for. Beautiful skin tones, rich colours and the contrast..oh the contrast! Really pleased and would strongly recommend.
— Spring Morris
These presets took my photography game to the next level. Skin tones, colors, and detail is so great I hardly ever need to fine tune after applying the preset. I use them on every session and now editing is a breeze.
— Tiffanie Bailey

$89 USD - Add to Cart